PV Solar panels on the roof of a house
PV solar panels on the roof of a house

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Solar Panels in Ireland

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How Do Solar Panels Work? Most solar panels today are the “photovoltaic” type. This means that they convert daylight directly into electricity. Solar panels produce a type of electricity called “DC”. Therefore, an inverter is used to convert this into “AC” electricity which is the type of electricity you use in your home. The inverter gets connected directly into your fuse box, powering appliances all around your home.

How Much Can You Save With Solar Panels in Ireland? As a general guide, you can reduce your electricity bill by around 50-75% by going solar. This will depend on how many panels you install as well as whether or not you choose to install a battery. For most Irish households, that translates into savings of around €400 – €1,200 per year. You can make additional savings on oil/gas if you use those for water heating.

How Many Solar Panels Should I Get? This mainly depends on the amount of electricity that you use. As a rough guide, 10 panels would be about right for someone who spends €800 per year on electricity. If your electricity bill is closer to €1,200 then consider going for 15 panels. This also depends on the power of the panels. For example, you will require fewer panels if you use 400 Watt versions than if you use 300 Watt versions.

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Are Solar Panels Worth it in Ireland?

Thousands of people like you are getting solar panels. But are solar panels worth it in Ireland? On one hand, solar panels can give you big saving on your electricity bills. On the other hand, solar panels come with a significant up-front cost. There are also some surprising benefits of solar panels that you might not have known about…

Why Solar Panels Shouldn’t Always Face South

Solar panels depend on light from the sky to make electricity. Therefore, facing them the right direction will allow your panels to produce the most power at the most important times. Read on or watch the video to find out why South is often, but not always, the best direction for solar panels in Ireland. …

Selling Your Surplus Solar Energy to the Grid

Selling surplus solar energy to the grid is a great way to earn extra income from you solar panels. What could be better than getting a cheque, rather than a bill, from your electricity supplier? The Irish government will soon be setting up a system for selling surplus solar electricity to the grid…

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Installers generally don't offer quotes for timeframes longer than 6 months. So here are guide prices (before grants):

  • 2kW (S): ~€5,500
  • 4kW (M) + myEddi: ~€8,500
  • 6kW (L) + battery: ~€12,500