PV Solar panels on the roof of a house
PV solar panels on the roof of a house

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Solar Panels in Ireland

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How Do Solar Panels Work? Solar panels convert daylight into electricity. You can use this electricity to help power your home – giving big savings on electricity bills. On bright days you can even generate surplus electricity for export to the grid. The Irish government are working on a scheme to pay homeowners for these exports in the near future.

What About Hot Water? The best way to produce hot water with solar is to use a “power diverter”. This clever device feeds surplus electricity from solar panels into your immersion heater. You’ll be happy to hear you can keep your current hot water cylinder: In fact, no plumbing changes are required at all. A power diverter can provide abundant hot water from March to October.

How Much Can You Save With Solar Panels in Ireland? You can save around 40-75% on your electricity bill by going solar. This will depend on how many panels you install and your battery/power diverter options. For most Irish households, that translates to savings of €300 – €1,200 per year. Looking towards the future, solar panels will also protect you from rising carbon taxes.

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