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How Will You Save With Solar Panels?

Solar Panles on House Ireland
Solar Panels on Houses: Get Your €3,000 Grant and Start Saving With Solar Today
Solar Panels on the roof of a farm building
Solar Panels on Farms: Generate Your Own Power and Slash Your Energy Bills
Solar For Businesses: Build Your Competitive Lead With Low-Cost Energy
Irish Environment
Zero-Cost Solar: Reduce Your Carbon Impact and Make Immediate Savings With Zero-Cost Solar For Businesses

What are the Benefits of Solar Panels?

  • Make big savings on your electricity bills
  • Solar is a safe investment with a high rate of return
  • Be part of Ireland’s clean secure energy future
  • Protect yourself from rising energy prices and carbon tax
  • Sell your surplus power to the grid from 2021

How Energyd Can Help You Zero-Cost Solar PV Systems for Irish Businesses

Good design is essential to developing the solar panel system that works best for you. That’s why we’re committed to carefully listening to our customers’ needs. In fact, this often leads us to design custom solutions that give better performance and value for money than anything that’s available “off the shelf”. Contact us now to find out what we can do for you.

Solar Panels on Houses in Ireland

You can save hundreds of euro every year with solar panels on your roof. Better still, solar panels can come with great extra features like blackout protection and energy monitoring. Little wonder then that thousands of people like you are getting solar panels every month in Ireland. Check out our solar panel options or contact us for your free consultation and quotation >

Zero-Cost Solar For Irish Businesses

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems can supply your business with cheaper, greener electricity. However, some business owners are concerned about the up-front cost of a solar panel system. To overcome this problem, Energyd and our partners can install solar panels on your business premises with no up-front cost to you. You can then buy the electricity that the panels produce at a very competitive price. This way, you can save money from day one while you also enhance the environmental image of your brand. For even bigger savings, consider full ownership of the solar panels.

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