Energyd.ie Zero-Cost Solar PV Systems for Irish Businesses

Zero-Cost Solar For Irish Businesses

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems can supply your business with cheaper, greener electricity. However, some business owners are concerned about the up-front cost of a solar panel system. To overcome this problem, energyd.ie can install a solar PV system on your business premises with no up-front cost to you. You can then buy the electricity that the panels produce at a very competitive price. This way, you can save money from day one while you also enhance the environmental image of your brand.

Even Bigger Savings With Outright Ownership

Your savings can be even greater by taking full ownership of your very own solar PV system. Better still, the government is offering a 25% grant for commercial solar energy. Likewise, homeowners can make big savings on their electricity bills with a solar PV system. Grants for home solar PV are based on the system size and can be as high as €3,000. Make sure to be quick if you’re looking for a home solar PV system because the grant scheme ends this July.

Understand Energy, Save Money

You can save hundreds of Euros per year by making a few simple changes to the way you use energy. However, to take advantage of those savings, you need to know how energy is used in your home. Energyd.ie can give you the knowledge to start making big savings on your energy bills. Just follow the links at the top of each page for interesting and effective energy-saving tips.

I’ll try to make energy easy to understand. However, if there’s anything that doesn’t make sense then make sure to say. You can write a comment below any post and I will try to explain better. Likewise, if there’s any other topic you’d like me to cover then be sure to write a comment.

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