Environment and Saving Energy

How much were your energy bills last year?  You probably don’t like to think about it.  The good news is that there’s lots you can do to reduce your utility bills.  In fact, you might be able to save hundreds of euro per year by making a few simple changes to your behaviour.  Improving the energy performance of your home could help you save even more.  And that’s without mentioning solar panels!

Energy efficiency comes with other benefits, too.  These energy-saving tips can help make our air cleaner and healthier to breathe.  The will help Ireland move towards energy-independence and freedom from foreign energy producers.  If you’re wondering “what can I do about climate change?” then these tips are for you.

Read the posts below and learn how you can make savings starting right now!

Emporia Vue Energy Monitor | European Review

Why Monitor Your Electricity Use? If you want to reduce your electricity consumption, a good place to start is by measuring it accurately. The old-fashioned way to do this was to read your electricity meter daily. But today there are much more advanced ways to monitor your electricity use. Specifically, you can now buy a …

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Emissions Reductions: One Key Sector That’s Already On Track

Ireland is behind on reducing emissions. However, one key sector of our economy is already right on track to with decarbonising: Electricity generation. But can we reach even higher targets for variable renewable power by 2030? To answer this question, we first need to understand our current electricity generation mix: Ireland’s Electricity Generation Mix for …

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What’s Up With Smart Meters in Ireland?

What Exactly is a Smart Meter? To understand smart meters, your first need to understand old-style electricity meters. Old-style electricity meters are very simple: The only thing they do is keep a tally of how much electricity has been used since the meter was installed, just like the mile counter on your car. Smart meters …

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Pumped Showers Vs Instantaneous Showers

There are two main kinds of electric shower used in Ireland, and they work in very different ways: Pumped showers are fed with both hot and cold water. They use a mixing valve to blend them together to provide water at a comfortable temperature for the user. Instantaneous Electric Showers are fed with cold water …

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Your Electricity Supplier is Probably Screwing You

If you haven’t changed electricity supplier in the last 12 months, then you’re probably paying much more for your electricity than you need to. Why is this? The reason is that electricity suppliers generally offer 12 month contracts with competitive prices. However, once your contract is up, they will start charging you much more for …

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