Solar PV Financials

Solar PV is a massive industry, now worth billions every year.  Large financial backers have gotten in on this opportunity, and many of them are now making attractive returns.  On the other end of the scale, households and small businesses are using solar PV to cut their bills and reduce overheads.  What big investors and tiny businesses have in common is the need for knowledge about solar PV.


You might have heard that solar PV systems can provide big returns and big savings.  On the other hand, it’s a large investment.  These two factors need to be weighed up carefully to decide if solar PV is right for you.  Read on to learn how you can evaluate solar PV investment opportunities.


If you decide to go ahead with your solar PV investment, another consideration will be making the most of your system.  Learn how grants and feed-in tariffs can help you to do this.


If you have any questions or tips make sure to leave a comment.

Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreements

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Selling Surplus Solar Electricity to the Grid in Ireland

Payments for surplus solar electricity in Ireland start from June 2022. And already, one supplier is offering to pay homeowners €0.135 per unit exported. So read on to learn all about solar export payments in Ireland. A little background to solar export payments Solar panels can provide most of the electricity for a typical home. …

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Installers generally don't offer quotes for timeframes longer than 6 months. So here are guide prices (before grants):

  • 2kW (S): ~€5,500
  • 4kW (M) + myEddi: ~€8,500
  • 6kW (L) + battery: ~€12,500