Solar PV Technical

Solar PV technology has improved at an impressive pace over the last few years.  From panels to accessories, there’s lots to learn about solar PV.  If you’re new to solar PV, then make sure to start with the posts in solar PV Basics.  If want more detail, then this category could be just right for you.


Some of this information could be useful for designing a solar PV system.  On the other hand, make sure to talk to someone in the industry before you settle on a final design.  Solar PV technology and regulations are changing all the time.  An expert can update you on any recent changes.

PV Panel Backsheets: Design and Performance

If you’ve looked into solar PV, you’ve probably heard words like “all-black”, “bifacial”, or “all glass”. These terms refer to what’s on the back of your PV panel. Backsheets matter because they affect the appearance and performance of your PV system. Read on to learn about the four types of solar panel backsheets. White EVA …

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Solar PV Vs Solar Thermal: Which is Better?

The basic difference between solar PV (photovoltaic) and solar thermal is that PV produces electricity while thermal produces hot water. But which is the better option for Irish households? Potential Savings are Higher With Solar PV Forgetting to turn off the immersion is the nightmare of every Irish householder. And it’s true that it takes …

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