Saving Electricity With Your Electric Shower

Your shower is thirsty for power, but changing the way you use it can give you big savings on your electricity bills. Watch the video below to learn how you can easily save lots of energy with your shower.

2 Easy Tricks for Big Energy Savings | Your Electric Shower

How much does a shower cost anyway?

Before looking at savings, we need to know how much you’re spending on your showers right now. Here are the sums:

Let’s say you spend 12 minutes in the shower every day on average. If you leave the shower running on full power for the full 12 minutes, that’s 4,380 minutes, or 73 hours per year. Multiplying this by 8 kilowatts (this varies depending on the specific shower unit, but not much) and €.22/kWh (electricity cost), we see that your showers cost you €128 per year in electricity alone.

The answer is that showers cost about €128 per person per year, not including water charges.

How much could the savings be?

Let’s assume you use both tips from the video. By turning the shower off while you clean yourself you can save €96. On top of that, you can save an extra €16 by running the shower on the lower setting during the warmer months (say, May to October). Add those number together and you get a total saving of €112 per person per year. That could be €4,497 for a family of four over ten years!

One more thing

Not all showers are equally expensive to run. In the example above, I assume that you shower uses day-rate electricity to heat the water. However, switching to other power sources can make your shower much cheaper to run. Click here to learn about the different shower setups and what they each cost to run.

Share your tips!

The great thing about saving energy is that it can save you money and help the environment at the same time. We all have our favourite energy-saving tips so share yours with a comment below!