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Solar Panel Elite Home System

Our elite solar panel home system uses only the very best components from top-tier manufacturers around the world. This is the system for those who want the very best reliability and performance.

Solar Panels: LG 400W Bifacial

LG solar panel with 72 cells.

LG solar panels have an exceptionally high power rating of 400W per panel. And that number is even more impressive when you consider LG’s positive-only power tolerance which means that the panels you get will often have a substantially higher output than what the label says. That’s not all though, as the transparent backsheet and bifacial cells mean the power output can be as high as 520W under ideal conditions. Indeed, our real-world experience indicates that LG panels consistently perform better than the 400W power rating would suggest. Even more important than the output though is LG’s 25-year product and performance warranty. What makes LG’s warranty so special is that it’s backed up by one of the world’s top electronics giants with massive financial resources.

Solar Panel Inverter: Solax X1

Solax solar panel inverter.

Solax inverters come with a great range of features. To start with, they have one of the best mobile monitoring systems on the market. This lets easily monitor your solar panels, battery, and power use from your mobile phone. Another great feature of Solax inverters is they can be configured to continue working during power cuts. Ask us about this and we can arrange for our electrician to wire your home for Solax blackout protection (note there is an extra charge for this).

Solar Power Diverter: MyEnergi Eddi

MyEnergi Eddi power diverter with wireless antenna, controls, and display.  The display shows the amount of electricity from the solar panels that gets diverted to hot water production.

A PV solar power diverter will send surplus power to your immersion heater, filling your tank with free hot water. MyEnergi is the leading brand in the market, with the most advanced features and technology. Most importantly though, MiEnergi have a proven track record of producing reliable products. That’s why we include the MiEnergy Eddi in all of our solar panel home systems, from standard to elite.

Solar Battery: Solax Triple Power

Solax battery for solar panels.  The image shows that the battery comes in a format that allows combining multiple battery modules for higher electricity storage capacity.

Solax batteries come in modules of 4.5, 5.2, or 6.3 kWh. Even one of these would be a substantial energy reserve. But if that isn’t enough, the modular design lets you connect up to four modules in a pack for a grand total of up to 25 kWh. Another great feature is they include high-voltage architecture for higher efficiency. Solax also make an LFP version for those who want the absolute best of long-term stability.


Solar Panel Elite System Prices

Pricing for the elite solar panel system starts from €7,200. This is an all-in price fully-inclusive of hardware, accessories, installation, commission, etc. Please get in touch with us for an exact quote.

Solar Panels Designed Especially for You

Off-the-shelf PV solar panels can sometimes work well. However, it takes a dedicated PV solar designer who listens to your needs to design the system that will give you the best performance and return on investment. Contact us now for your free PV solar panel consultation or for a quote that’s specially tailored for you.