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Solar Panel Home Systems | Free Consultation

We offer three main solar panel ranges – standard, premium and elite. All of these options can give you big savings on your electricity bills. They are also fully customisable. This is important because a custom solution will often give you the best possible value for money. Contact us now to find out what we can do for you.

Standard Solar Panel Home System

Longi solar panels and solax inverter for solar energy.

Our standard solar panel home system is tried-and-tested with great results. The system uses some of world’s most popular solar hardware from leading global suppliers. Ideal for those looking for value for money and a high rate of return on their investment. Starting from €5,938. Learn more >

Premium Solar Panel Home System

DENIM solar panels made in Europe with all-glass bifacial construction.  Also Solax inverter for solar energy.

Our premium system comes with ultra-durable EU-made solar panels and a high-end inverter. Premium batteries come with large storage capacity and enhanced efficiency. These factors make the premium solar panel system a great long-term investment in your home. Starting from €6,200. Learn more >

Elite Solar Panel Home System

LG Solar panel with bifacial technology.  Also Solax inverter.

Our elite solar panel home system comes with top-performing solar panels from electronics giant LG. LG integrate the very latest technology into their panels. This makes them top-performers in terms of power output. The system for those who want the best. Starting from €7,200. Learn more >

Which Solar Panel System is Best?

There’s no “one size-fits all” best solar panel system: Personal factors are extremely important. These factors include everything from the shape of your roof to how much electricity you use. A solar expert can weigh these factors up and help you choose the option that suits you best. In fact, we often end up designing totally unique and custom solutions for our customers. Contact us now for a solar panel system that’s specially tailored to your needs.