Solar Panel Standard Home System

This is an example PV solar panel system using tried-and-test parts from some of the world’s biggest solar manufacturers. This makes it a reliable and cost-competitive option. A great choice if your priority is value for money and big savings on your electricity bills every year. Read on for prices and more information.

Solar Panels: Longi 315W

Solar PV panels for roof of house.  Made by Longi Solar.

Longi is one of the worlds leading solar panel manufacturers, producing millions of solar panels every year. This adds great credibility to their 10-year materials warranty and a 35-year power output warranty. The panels also come in a very manageable size at 1650 mm X 991 mm. This makes these solar panels particularly suitable for houses with limited roof space.

Solar Panel Inverter: Solis 4G Series

PV solar panel inverter made by Solis.  Showing the controls and display.  Solis inverters are well-proven on the Irish PV solar market.

Solis inverters were among the first to be fully certified for Irish grid-connection regulations (EN50438). This has helped them to gain widespread popularity and a proven track record within Irish PV solar panel systems. Another key advantage of Solis inverters is that they come with a free online monitoring portal that allows you to monitor not only your solar panels and battery but also energy consumption in your home. Solis inverters perform reliably and come with a 5-year guarantee with an optional extension up to 10 years.

Solar Power Diverter: MyEnergi Eddi

A PV solar power diverter will send surplus power to your immersion heater, filling your tank with free hot water. MyEnergi is the leading brand in the market, with the most advanced features and technology. Most importantly though, MiEnergi have a proven track record of producing reliable products. That’s why we include the MiEnergy Eddi in all of our solar panel home systems, from standard to elite.

Solar Battery: Pylontech US2000

Pylontech is one of the most popular battery brands for PV solar panel systems in Ireland. Their greatest advantage is the extra-safe and stable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry. This stability allows for a long lifespan of over 6,000 charging cycles. Another advantage of Pylontech batteries is their modularity. Specifically, the batteries come in 2.4 kWh units that can be connected together for more capacity. This gives you the flexibility to expand your battery system at a later date if you choose to do so.


Standard PV Solar Panel System Prices

The solar panel standard system starts from around €5,000 before grants. This is an all-inclusive price estimate covering installation, commissioning, all hardware and accessories, etc. Please contact us for an exact quote.

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