What Are the Benefits of Solar PV Panels?

Maybe you’ve heard about solar PV from a friend. Maybe you’ve seen solar panels on your neighbours’ roofs and wondered if you should be getting them as well? Read on if you would like to find out what the benefits of solar PV could be for you.

Reduced Electricity Bills from Day One

From the day you get your solar PV system installed, your will begin saving money on electricity. Over the lifetime of the system, it will save you many times its own worth in electricity. Finance nerds can take a deep dive into the cost/benefit analysis of solar PV investments by calculating the net present value of a potential solar PV investment.

Protection from Energy Price Rises

Inflation and carbon tax seem to drive electric bills higher year after year. On the other hand, when you own the panels that power your home, no-one can come along in a years’ time and tell you that you that you must pay more! You lock in the price today, and the more electricity prices go up, the more you save.

Environmental Benefits

Air pollution kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. By going solar, you will produce clean electricity and help to improve our community’s health.

PV Solar Panels on the roof of a house
More and more people are installing solar PV systems in Ireland every year. Image credit: wooolff on Pixabay

National Energy Security

Oil and gas are scarce in Ireland, and we depend on imports to provide the majority of our energy. By going solar, you are helping to provide the secure, indigenous source of power that Ireland needs for a more secure future.

Blackout Protection

If you’re going for a system that includes battery storage, you’ll have the additional option of installing blackout protection. With this option enabled, you can use your solar panels to power many of the appliances in your house during a blackout, even when all of your neighbours’ houses are in darkness. The power is enough for most appliances such as fridges, lights, computers, etc.

Increase the Value of Your Home

If your decide to sell your property, a solar PV system can help it to stand out from the competition. Studies show that houses with solar PV systems have higher resale values than houses without solar PV.

Are Solar Panels Worth the Cost in Ireland?

Solar panels are a big investment to be carefully considered. Are you unsure if solar panels are a good idea for you? Read are solar panels worth it in Ireland to find out.