Your Electricity Supplier is Probably Screwing You

If you haven’t changed electricity supplier in the last 12 months, then you’re probably paying much more for your electricity than you need to. Why is this? The reason is that electricity suppliers generally offer 12 month contracts with competitive prices. However, once your contract is up, they will start charging you much more for your power. In fact, if you haven’t changed in the last 12 months then you can probably save about €200 by switching right now. Make that €400 if you use electricity for both your home and business. Switching only takes 15 minutes so do yourself a favour: Follow the steps below to make the change right now.

How to Change Suppliers

  1. Go to the CRU website right now and follow the links to one of the accredited price comparison websites.
  2. Enter your current supplier and energy use.
  3. Choose the best deal.
  4. Set yourself a reminder to change again in exactly 12 months’ time.
  5. Enjoy the €200 that you just saved.
Cash counting machine.
Changing electricity supplier only takes a few minutes but can save you hundreds of euro. Make sure to change every 12 months.

More Tips

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