Solar Panels Grant Ireland – Save Up to €3,000

The €3,000 Home Solar Panels Grant Ireland

You can now avail of a grant up to €3,000 towards the cost of your brand new solar panel system. A system like this can save you hundreds of euro on your electricity bill every year. Better still, you can earn money by selling your surplus electricity to the grid from 2021. So read on to learn all about the solar panels grant Ireland.

Who Qualifies for the Grant?

  • You house must have been built before 2011
  • It must also achieve a BER C grade or better after the panels are installed*
  • An SEAI-registered contractor must install the panels

What is the Grant Amount?

The solar panels grant in Ireland is based on the size of system that you install. In general, the bigger your system, the larger your grant amount will be. Here’s how to calculate your grant:

  • For systems without a battery:
    • €900 per kilowatt up to 2 kilowatts
  • For systems with a battery
    • €900 per kilowatt for the first 2 kilowatts
    • €300 per kilowatt per kilowatt thereafter (max 4 kilowatts)
    • €600 for the battery

Note that having received other grants from the SEAI does not prevent you from getting the solar PV grant. If you own more than one house you can receive a grant for each and every address that you own.

Solar Panels Grant Application Process

  1. Contact Energyd now to discuss your solar energy requirements
  2. Arrange site survey to work out a design for your solar panels
  3. Once you have your quotation, log on to SEAI grants portal and enter your details
  4. You should receive grant approval within a day or two
  5. Get your panels installed
  6. Your installer will then arrange your BER assessment
  7. Your installer will forward the BER certificate and other documents to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
  8. The grant can be paid to your installer, counting against the installation cost, or directly into your bank account, whichever you prefer. Typically, the funds are transferred about 6 weeks after your BER assessment.

Other SEAI Home Grants Ireland

Apart from solar panels, the SEAI provide grants for many other home energy improvements including better insulation, heat pumps, heating controls, electric vehicle chargers, and more. Taking advantage of these grants does not affect your eligibility for the solar panels grant or vice-versa.

*Houses built from the 1980s onwards and houses that have upgraded heating systems and insulation are likely to achieve at least a C3 grade. Installing a photovoltaic solar panel system typically boosts the BER grade by 1 or 2 grades. For example, from C1 to B3 or B2.

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