Solar Panel Grants Ireland: Gain up to €2,400

You can now get an SEAI grant of up to €2,400 for solar panels in Ireland. This reduces the upfront cost of solar, making it even easier to slash your electricity bills. Here are the details:

Who Qualifies for the Grant?


The SEAI solar panel grant is now available for all houses built before 2021. Previously, your house had to achieve a certain BER rating to qualify for the grant. However, this requirement has been removed, making the grant accessible to more people than ever before.

Non-Domestic (Businesses, Farms, Community Buildings, etc.)

For 2022, the government has announced the expansion of the grant scheme to non-domestic applications. This means there will be the same grant (up to €2,400) available to farmers, schools, businesses, etc. The grant will be limited to solar installations with a max size of 5.9kW.

What is the Grant Amount?

The solar panels grant in Ireland is based on the size of system that you install. In general, more panels means a higher grant. Adding a battery also increases your grant amount. Use our calculator to find out how much your grant will be:

How is the Grant Calculated?

The SEAI calculates the grant based on the the size of solar panel system you install. Specifically, you get:

  • €900 per kilowatt for the first 2 kilowatts
  • €300 per kilowatt for the next 2 kilowatts

This means you can get the maximum grant amount (€2,400) by installing 4kW of solar. If you install more than 4kW of solar, you will still get a €2,400 grant.

Grant amounts will gradually fall from 2024 onward.

Solar Panel Grant Application Process

  1. Choose a solar panel installer and get a quote
  2. Enter your details on the SEAI grants portal
  3. Receive grant approval within a day or two
  4. Your installer will discount the grant from the solar panel price
  5. Get your solar panels installed
  6. Your installer will arrange a BER assessment
  7. Your installer will receive funds from the SEAI

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost After Grants?

The pre-grant cost of solar panels in Ireland ranges from about €5,000 – €15,500. On the lower end of this price range would be a small system of around 2 kW. This would qualify you only for a grant of €1,800. At the top (or even middle) end of the range, you can expect a grant of €2,400. Thus, grants bring the installed cost of PV solar panels in Ireland to between €3,200 and €13,100.

Will I Definitely Receive My Grant?

Some Irish homeowners have had serious problems with non-payment of grants from the SEAI in recent years. Thankfully, homeowners who get the solar panel grant no longer have to worry. This is because you can choose to have your grant paid directly to your solar panel installer. This way, you get the grant as an up-front discount on your solar panels. In other words, you can choose to be protected from any grant payment issues. If you want to avail of this option, then make sure to discuss it with your solar panel installer.

The SEAI sends the grant payment to the solar panel installer who passes it on to the customer in the form of a discount.
Ask your solar panel installer to pass the grant on to you as a discount. That way you’re protected from any payment issues.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Get the Solar Panel Grant?

You do not need planning permission to get the solar panel grant. This is because planning permission is not something that the SEAI check for when assessing grant applications. This is true whether you qualify for the solar panels planning permission exemption or not.

Is the Solar Panel Grant Being Reduced?

Yes, grant amounts will fall each year from 2024 onward. The maximum grant will drop by €300 per year. Other grant amounts will also fall proportionally.

What if I Don’t Qualify For the Solar Panel Grant?

Grants can give a great boost to your solar energy investment. However, solar can help you to slash your electricity bills, even without a grant. Simply put, it makes sense for Irish homeowners to go solar, whether they qualify for the grant or not. This is because solar panels provide both a high return on investment and several other benefits that you might not have known about.

In our experience, non-grant customers can also get slightly better prices on solar panel installations due to elimination of the red tape that comes with grants. But take extra care if you go for a non-grant system, as the grant process does provide some safeguards regarding system quality.

What About Other SEAI Grants?

The SEAI provide many grants to Irish homeowners (insulation, heat pumps, etc.). Thankfully, getting those other grants do not affect your eligibility for the solar panels grant. Moreover, if you decide to get a deep retrofit, then you can include solar panels as part of the grant-assisted upgrade.

Multiple Solar Panel Grants for Multiple House

If you have more than one house, you can get a solar panel grant for every address that you own. This includes holiday homes and rental properties. Landlord are encouraged to use SEAI grants to help boost the value of their whole property portfolios.

Claim Your Solar Panel Grant Now!

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